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New York Taxi Cab

New York Taxi Cab
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The tabled yellow taxi, one of the most dominant post-war icons, has become an endangered species. Once upon a time, 5.000 such taxis with their ubiquitous checkered strip roamed the streets of Manhattan. Today, only two "Checker," remain. Their remarkable history dates back to 1921, in Chicago.

Morris Markins, a young tailor originally from Russia, agrees to lend $15.000 to an engineer by the name of Lomherg, those automotive plant is on the threshold of bankruptcy. Still in the red, Lomberg asks Markins for another loan. Markins refuses and takes over the company. In 1922, he risks it all. Markins buys the installations and equipment of two auto parts manufacturers and moves his operations to Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Checker Cab Manufacturing Company sees the light of day on February 2, 1922. Its first vehicle comes off the assembly line July 18, 1923. With every passing year, the Checker's reputation grows stronger. The cab features rounded exterior contours and exceptional suspension that guarantees a smooth ride even on the bumpiest roads. Flagging down a Checker meant being on the cusp of a V.LP. ride. The company manufactured its last Checker in 1982. Yet, with a little luck, you just might spot one of the two remaining Checkers hugging a curb somewhere in Manhattan. By law, all taxis must be replaced after three years of service-with the exception of our Checker tandem. After all, when you dispense special treatment, you deserve some of it back.


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